Friday, July 31, 2015


I've been uninspired regarding life, what to do with myself, what to make for dinner, should I wash my hair today or do a scary sloppy bun like below. 

What will my new blog entry be about?

 I have so much on my mind these days. I don't even know where to begin.

Perhaps therein lies the problemo folks.

I've never been an indecisive gal.

I want it now!

Hell, I wanted it 5 minutes ago.

I can usually talk about ANYTHING....TO ANYONE....


Oh man I just saw those creepy twins from The Shining in my head.

 I can even talk to the dogs when no one else is home. Or myself...

I think I could look slightly insane when I drive? 

I mumble, grumble, think out loud.

I'm goofy and like to have fun.

I'm the weird gal that likes to make a loud outburst just because...well I don't know why. Because I'm a goof, I guess.

So I've been unfocused and procrastinating a lot lately. 

Which is NOT me.

So I'm going to just go with what I woke up with on my mind today. 



Well let's get real: I have 2 whys currently!

My first why: I'm blessed with a husband that has provided a wonderful income for years. It's allowed me to be home with my babies.

However, it's the oil/gas industry. Ugh...

Which has tanked this last year.

He is damn good at what he does. But when there's no work....there's no work.

I think we're beginning to see it really hit East Texas. 

And that scares the crap outta me!

He also works his butt off with a side business. He writes marching band drills. 

Yep someone writes those you guys.

The marching bands don't just wander around to weird musical arrangements and hit AWESOME formations on their own.

Nope....but for a fee BrynnPark Productions does just that for you!! And it's super cool!!

He's awesome at it. He's writing 18 drills this season. 


So he's stressed! To the max.

You can never tell he's stressed, but he is this year!

We've barely seen him this summer. He's been locked away in his office.


But that's ok. I'm a big girl. I can handle our 3 little punks alone.


Anyway. I keep saying how can I help, what can I do, let me go back to work. 

To which he responds NO! 

You guys, he never puts his foot down.

If you know us, you know that. 

But I've respected him up until the last week.
*****ETA: a few people told me the above sounded harsh. I don't disrespect him! I never have! I meant honoring his wishes to not work. And I'm still trying to find a way to be a stay at home mom but bring in income. He doesn't want me working outside the home. ******

I'm taking matters into my own hands.

I'm starting my own business and I'm going to make it work. 

Will it sustain us? I don't know...

But it'll help...hopefully.

I don't like to talk finances. But I need to say this. We've prepared over the last few years to save.

We have watched savings dwindle to nothing....TWICE!

So I don't want to hear: you should've been prepared.

Duh! I could type all day how being prepared doesn't always work.

My other WHY? This lil fella below!

If you know our family, you know about our middle child! Our only boy.

He's finally found his thing! He wants to be a gymnast.

He told me the other day he wants to go to the Olympics! 

Now I know that is a long shot to say the least!

But I'll support him no matter what.

He's happy, he's thriving...he is good!

Yesterday his coach stood and talked to me for five minutes after practice ended about how good he is!

Major improvements this summer.

All I could do was hold back tears thinking, how am I going to keep my baby in gymnastics?

So there you have it! My WHY'S!

This is not a plea to get you to feel sorry for me and buy what I'm selling.

This is more of an explanation for my latest endeavor!

And I know that most of us in sales use our social media outlets to market these days.

And it may make you roll your eyes and "unfollow" them.

Let's be respectful of those "whys" shall we?!

Everyone has a WHY!

What's yours?

Join my team and change your life in more ways than one!!!

****I'm participating in a monthly blog circle with some AMAZING ladies. Hope on over to Danielle's blog. She's a true inspiration to me.****

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