Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ode to Vivienne...

I always feel guilty getting a pedicure bc I don't like spending the money! But my sweet husband always says "don't be silly, go and get one."

But quite frankly this meme could be me at the present time.

I mean really...I'm not that bad! Is this not hilarious though?!

I wonder if the nail techs say things along those lines in Vietnamese! I love my nail lady!

If you know me you've probably heard me talk about Vivienne. Well she's left my favorite nail place! Nooooo....

Bc even though she ALWAYS brought up my ingrowns, she was damn good. She gave a great pedicure! And we had become friends!

She was that typical friend that insulted you in a nice way! Haha...and I swear she always tried to get me drunk! Every.damn.time!

V: Hunnay, let me get you wine. You always so tense.
Me: it's like noon
V: oh c'mon hunnay, it'll be ok. Just one glass.
Me: I gotta get the kids in a few hrs but thank you.
V: ok you just let me know!! Dr. Vivienne will take care of you!

Ahhh....typical Vivienne convo!

This salon had a fire awhile back, and they were closed for awhile. And she had to go elsewhere, understandably so.

The nail techs seem like gypsys in the night! They don't stay at one place too long!

I asked where she went and the guy said "she just go." Umm ok, that's helpful!

So I will find you Vivs!! We have many nail places in town and I will be searching them for you. Perhaps you're at Foxy Nail, Happy Nail, Kim Nail, Nails by Lee, Aloha Nail...the possibilities of your current employment are endless!

If anyone in Tyler Texas finds her, please let me know.

I'm going to go now and enjoy this pedicure. I swear I just saw "Danny" look at my pinky toe in disgust! 

I wish Brynn was with me. She always has her face in a book when we come bc I make her laugh too hard at these places. Well that and she gets a kick out of the massage chair making my chest shake like it's having a convulsion.

Brynn:  mom your boobs!!
Me: what? I can't help it!
Brynn: it's hilarious!
Me: hey, you may look like your daddy but you are still half me! So you could inherit these too! 
Brynn: <blank stare>

Ok, that's all. I'm still working on featuring a fabulous lady every week!! I just haven't had anyone turn anything in yet!! My first friend Angie knocked it out of the park, but I'm sure many other women can inspire us! 

Remember, these features can come from any angle! If you or someone you know is interested, please let me know!!

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Not gonna lie...even after 3 kids, she still scares me! I'm afraid she's going to become one of those awful kids who you see at the store and want to beat! 

Oh well, at least she's cute!!! :-/

Monday, March 16, 2015


I'm not going to lie, I was feeling a little sorry for myself earlier. Over something petty and ridiculous! See below:

I know, you're thinking what's the big deal?! It's just dirty dog paw prints! 

When we went on our trip, I knew I'd miss the pups but I knew I wouldn't miss this. Neither would my family! They hear me fuss and gripe about this multiple times a day!

In fact, I text that pic to Tim and said "back to reality". Back to reality in more ways than one.

I was frustrated earlier bc I feel overwhelmed with ALL the things I need to get done.

Now these are things that are on my list! Not a normal person's list! Just things around the house, and what it takes to get us through a week around here.

I sometimes let that stress me out too much. I wish I wasn't such a Type A spaz!

I need a nice dose of perspective every now and then. I think we all do. It's funny how you can gain a little perspective.

Driving down a road that I frequent often, that in fact most people in my inner/outer circles travel often multiple times a day...I saw them....


Fresh flowers on the side of the road, where a horrible accident took the lives of 2 wonderful people the week before last.  I didn't know them personally, but from what I've heard, I'm in awe of who they were.

One was an exchange student at a local private school, who had his whole life ahead of him. If I read correctly, he had a college scholarship waiting for him. His poor parents had to travel from the Ukraine to bury their baby boy.

And yes, he was a tall 18 yr old young man, but he was still someone's baby. At some point, earlier in his life, his mom rocked him and stared at him and probably counted his freckles and marveled at the length of his lashes, bc we know that boys always get the long ones. And as his mom, she was in awe of his beauty. I cannot even begin to imagine her pain right now...

It's heartbreaking. He was a Christian and I'm sure he's now in awe of being in the arms of our Saviour. I hope that fact makes this tragedy easier to comprehend.

The other victim in this tragedy, hits a little closer to home for me.

She was a mom...
Of 3 kids...
2 girls and a boy...
A loving Christian mom that did anything and everything for her kids.

Her kids were her life. She was their biggest fan. I've loved reading all of the beautiful things people have written about her. We have several mutual friends, so I've seen many stories and memories shared on social media.

It hits so close to home for many moms I've talked to because we all travel that road in our SUV's loaded with kids. This mom had her 3 kids with her, and 2 of their friends.  Her kids and one friend survived by the Grace of God. 

Sometimes I have friend's kids with me. I always take it seriously...the responsibility of someone else's child, but now the feeling is overwhelming.

It could've been any one of us. Someone that I knew, or myself. Scary isn't it? How quickly life can be taken from us? 

Do you ever stop and think about the enormity of a situation like this? I cannot fathom not being around for my kids. I just can't...and I'm sure that was the furthest from this mother's mind that rainy evening.

To be honest, I haven't gone down this road as much since this accident. It makes me sick to my stomach. It was such a senseless tragedy. Because of someone's selfish actions, 3 kids lost their mom and parents had to bury their son.

Being out of town the past 5 days I'd forgotten for a brief second. And that's when I saw the 2 sets of flowers on the side of the road.

It immediately brought me back. And I felt ashamed of my whining and negative thoughts. My eyes immediately went to my rear view mirror where I saw my crazy lil toddler, who has been challenging to say the least today, and I saw her clapping and chanting to Little Einsteins on her DVD player. She was so incredibly gleeful in that moment. Sweet baby.

So I challenge you to find your perspective. Maybe you struggle with the simple, mundane everyday tasks or maybe it's something that is very serious.

I challenge you to turn your negativity around and focus on something good in your life. Everyone has something good in their life.

My perspective today quickly changed.  I know that muddy paw prints and 4 loads of laundry ain't that big a deal in the grand scheme of things!

Beginning this month, I'm participating in a blog circle with some amazing and beautiful women.  Click and see what Tiffany has to say this month. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Spring Break 2015

So yeah we're going on a trip! Super excited! But the kids are coming!!! Yay! A huge YAY for the one pictured below! Because y'all know, it's NEVER a vacay with kids in tow.

Look at her eyes! Doesn't she look super tired?? She just won't give it up!

My idea of a vacation is being on a beach...alone. I want alcoholic beverages, with the little umbrellas, brought to me by someone that looks like Mario Lopez. But he can't be an asshole like Mario. And he can speak Spanish to me! 

Tim can come on this trip but he's not allowed to speak between the hours of 8am to noon. Lol! I'm kidding...well kinda...

Back to the above pic, I did something I said I'd never do...I drugged her. Just a lil bit. I found Children's  Dramamine! Hot diggity dog!! 

The 2-6 year old dosage was all the same! Umm wth? So I gave her a half of a tablet!

She loved it and demanded more! Perhaps I shouldn't have called it candy? Hmmm...

Tim is already sweating. He's never flown with all 3. And let's be honest, #1&2 are great kids. Minus a few spats today, they've been perfect. 

So he's holding Rowan, hence the sweating. 

OMG! We are taking off and he's asleep? I told him he wasn't allowed to sleep!  What is it with men? Their heads hit the pillow and they're gone.

I'm sitting here about to vomit, thinking of how I'll get the masks on everyone in time.

I used to love flying. Hang on...

Praise Jesus!! Maybe Dramamine has a delayed effect on her. I took some too...you know just in case. I don't have access to Xanax (sp?) so making myself a little loopy will help with the nerves! 

Since I became a mom, I hate flying. I don't know why..but that's the case. I wish I had the excitement of my kids.

Oh well, when we land (hopefully) I'll be excited!

The boy is happy! They have free wifi!! 
He's tracking our flight while we fly! How cool!

Is he not the cutest?? I can't believe he'll be 8 in a couple of weeks!! :-(

My big girl is sitting with Tim's parents, so I can't get her picture!

Current status is glorious!! Just presh!

Well it was short lived but she did great! I think she slept 30 min? 

Here she is asking me if I'm current on my airline safety awareness! ;-)

Here are a couple more from the flight! It went really well!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

This is how popularity is determined...

So this is how things went in our house this morning:
6:40- that damn alarm goes off and I hit snooze...
6:50- it has the nerve to go off again. 
****I absolutely HATE waking up...I mean who really likes waking up****
So I get up and we begin the morning routine. Tim lets the dog out. The big one...not the little one. It's raining....AGAIN! I don't think I've seen the sun in weeks! I'm all for a gloomy day but fo' realzzzz, enough already! I'm over the dark skies and wet weather. We might get snow/ice tonight! If the kids have a snow day tomorrow, I might cry.
Anyway back to the dogs. It's important for me to splice them in bc they set my mood every morning. Lately the puppy likes to bark at every noise he hears, which is so fun! It adds so much more to the morning chaos! So he goes to the door and swats his bells I've got hanging on the door handle to notify us when he has to go. 
****Best and worst idea ever! I'll be hearing those bells for the rest of my life! Their sound is forever etched in my memory!!****
 Tim will have to dry him off bc our backyard is a wet, muddy mess. No matter how good you dry either dog, they track in some type of schmutz! I'm so over it! OVER IT! I'm mopping constantly. It's getting old. No it's past the point of old. 
So we get Parker in the shower, and we are already running about 5 min behind. Parker has started to shower in the mornings bc he's cold. Once he comes out, he gets dressed and I get his breakfast ready. He never eats the same thing really for more than 2 days in a row. So he's back to cinnamon toast this morning which takes preparation but whatever. He's still NOT 50 pounds so I'm always trying to fatten him up.
****Now would be a good time to add that he doesn't like butter on his bread but I need to add butter in order to make his cinnamon toast. So I have to make sure it's spread in. OH and the toast has to be toasted but not too dark. If it's too dark he really won't eat it. And we're not talking burnt toast, bc who likes that? We're talking some special way that Parker has pre-determined acceptable to his palate. Pain in the ass, party of one calling.****
The dogs are fighting and my daily threat of "imma cut you if you don't shut up" has begun. So I'm already a tad edgy. I've had sinus crud for days and I just want back in that warm bed so I can hang out with Frank and Claire Underwood. Yes, that is a shameless plug for one of the best shows ever, House of Cards.
Enter child nĂºmero uno:
I don't know what in the sam hell she is wearing. We long layer a lot but this was long layering taken to the extreme. Plus things are getting tighter on her. She's not gained weight really but she's bigger in certain areas. And at the risk of embarrassing her, I'll let you figure out what stage of life we are in. Yay! So I made the mistake of saying "um you can't wear that." Well holy hell! The fit she went into. Oopsie.
****the damn dogs....all their fault****
So I've upset her. I don't know why...?
So she turns around and stomps back to her room and changes. She still keeps her jeans and long layering shirt on and comes out with another shirt on. It's better but yeah, my face says it all. 
Me: how about you wear those cute tops I bought you for your bday?
Brynn: ummm bc I've worn those already.
****let me add here that there's tone on her end...oh hell is there tone****
Me: when, like last week?
B: no mom but there hasn't been a 3 week separation btwn last time and today.
Me: uh what?
B: mooooom, I've told you that what a girl wears and how often determines her popularity!
Me: <blank stare>
B:if I wear the same things, I'll look poor and people will think I have nothing to wear!
Me: who determines this rule? Who has said this?
B: I don't know...it doesn't matter. It's just how things are.
Me: ummm ok, so first things first. Have we raised you to be a snob who says and believes that? No! Do you make fun of or look down upon those who do wear the same things every week?
B: <quietly> no, I wouldn't do that.
Me: well good! So why are you holding yourself to the same standard? Who says it has to be this way????
B: no one, never mind it just doesn't matter.
Me: no it does! You can't have this mentality! 
B: fine! Just forget it!
Me: watch your tone.
She stomps back to her room and I'm thinking she's going to change into another horrific ensemble but she doesn't.
She comes back out with a hair accessory that she needs help with. I've done it before but for some reason I can't get it today? Quite possibly bc I'm afraid of her at this point. I can't do it right so she storms off again. 
****Btw, this all happens between 7-730. It's been a very tense half hour!****

I feel like I'm entering....no, I know I'm entering a new phase. Brynn is a very easy and usually happy child. She's trying to assert herself in many ways, which is very appreciated! But at that same time, I feel she still needs guidance with some issues and I find myself not approaching those in the best way.
I'm a control freak and I like things perfect but Brynn apparently wants to become this generation's "Punky Brewster". It was cute on Soleil Moon Frye but not my kid! 

Oh well...it wasn't the first time and it won't be the last time that I let her wear 
something that I would never put together!

At this point I'm yelling to get teeth brushed and shoes on. This is more for the boy. He's still not awake and has not finished his toast. He hasn't mentioned they're too toasted but I can tell. This reminds me that I must work on my toasting skills. You know, in all the spare time I have!

Once he gets up to finish getting ready, the puppy, who has already been outside twice and terrorized Gus for his food, is eating the rest of the toast that Parker has left on the couch. At least he likes it.

Ahhhh....the days are long but the years are short, right?!