Thursday, July 9, 2015

The big cart...

We are blessed with 3 incredibly smart and beautiful children. However....they (2 out of 3) don't forget a damn thing. 

They inherited that awful trait from me! I'm so proud...well not really.

It's the kind of thing that comes in handy at times but then it can also be not so good. 

For as long as I can remember, I've allowed popcorn and a drink when we go to Target. 

It's always been our thing. Something I've always said "yes" to. And of course they never forget!

I really try to do these trips solo but with 3 kids, that ain't always possible!

So it was always popcorn and a fountain drink that was the least harmful...not soda.

Then it became popcorn and a soda.

Now it's popcorn and a slurpee.

I'm not a fan of slurpees for many reasons:
They're too cold! I hate getting brain freezes!
They cost more!
They're loaded with sugar!
Can they not make them dye free? Every possible color that they make stains!

The other day we went and oh my word they had a white colored one! It was like I'd won the lottery!

Except Ms. Sassy Pants (aka: the 2 year old) didn't want white! She wanted blue! Of course she did! So I said, "nope you gettin white girly"! 

She's loud you guys. It's scary how loud she can be! Of course she threw a fit! 

But I said no and got her a white one. And after I promised her the BIG CART, she was all good! 

You know the cart I speak of right?!
I hate you big cart! I find you useless and insignificant! There's no point to you, besides carrying extra kids! Mine aren't close in age anymore so it's pointless for me to even attempt to drive it!

It's hard to navigate this beast thru the store. I hit end caps, displays, shelves, unsuspecting old ladies..etc. 

Of course my nutty 2 year old thinks it's a ride and loves when I bump into things. 

Everything is so far away in this cart! Once my phone rang and I couldn't get to it in time! 

It's really no different from a Suburban! I test drove one once! Hats off to those of you lil mamas that maneuver those things thru traffic! It's like a bus!!!

The last time I even tried to maneuver this blasted cart around Target, I took down a s'mores display. 

I had to pick up Hershey bar and marshmallow packages!

Hands to the Heavens it was on a back end cap and no one saw!

Thanks Target! Thank you for that! Now I gotta buy crap to make s'mores bc the one pictured below sees the displays! 

And I can't handle another fit! I just can't do it!

That's the face I get before the fit comes! It's cute isn't it?! But I assure you it's not cute! She can be frightening!

I give in to fits bc I get so embarrassed and I want her to stop! BUT I also don't want to raise a brat!

I told her no to s'mores and she threw her slurpee out of the cart! She's done this twice now! 

It's absolutely mortifying when she does bc the mess it makes is so bad! Luckily a kind sales associate who was stocking yogurt had paper towels on hand and she helped me clean it up!

So guess what? I bought the crap to make s'mores! I gave in! I said "yes". Actually I think I said "oh my god please stop, I'll get them...just stop." 

Funny thing is, she doesn't even like them. They get too messy for her! Another OCD child to add to my repertoire! Yay me!

I know I bring all of this on myself!

I'll admit that I resort to bribery.

I've set the precedent for the slurpee and popcorn.

The popcorn that I eat the most of! Bc the kids eat like 2 handfuls! Why don't I just smack the calories right on my backside?!!!

So the moral of this rant:

I think life is like the big cart at times! We think it'll be all fun and it's such a great idea...

But then you lose control.

You take on too much.

If you're wise, you ask for help or admit "defeat" and refocus and move on...

And if you're like me, you take it all on and let it build and build...until you blow up.

Don't go for the big cart. Focus on what you can handle, afford, tolerate, etc.. Stop trying to be like other moms or families, etc.

We are living in times where our kids have ten times more than we had. It's only natural that our kids see what others have and want that too.

We owe it to ourselves and our kids to set boundaries and rules. I think it's ok for us to say to our kids, "hey guys we can't afford that right now, or we can't go to the beach this year."

I think that's one of the biggest stressors in life. It is for me at least. I think this phase of our lives, with young kiddos and the day to day maintenance of life and all that it entails is overwhelming. 

I swear every time I turn around, there is something else I need to buy, or someone has broken something, or there's an injury or accident. 

It's almost comical because in the grand scheme of things, these are usually trivial things.

It's ok to say no, and it's ok to say yes.

It's important for your kids to know that they can't have it all. And it's ok that you can't always provide it.

I think that's why I've always allowed that little treat at Target. It's always been one of my "yes" things. We can afford the treat at the snack bar...and someday I will miss buying that treat at the snack bar.

And I'm sure way into my future I'll see a young mom struggling to push that beastly cart, while the kids are leaving a trail of popcorn, and having a very loud discussion regarding who has the bluest teeth from that blasted blue slurpee.

And instead of saying "oh my you have your hands full" OR "enjoy this phase bc it goes fast"...

I'm going to say, "oh honey, the minute the baby daddy gets home, go slam a glass of wine bc you deserve it."

Shoot I might even buy that poor soul a box of Franzia!

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