Friday, April 10, 2015

Vacation post 2

Quite honestly I've been in a funk! And then Tim worked out of town for 2 LONG weeks and I was stressed and busy!!!

So anyway...I promised to blog about our vacation...scratch that...our trip. It's never a vacation with kids!! 

Rowan was actually pretty good considering she was completely off schedule and EVERY.SINGLE.TIME she fell asleep it was on a public transportation ride of some sort and then we'd have to wake her up to get off!

Poor baby!!

And then if she didn't get a nap she looked like this by about 3 pm!

The older 2 had fun! Brynn more so than Parker, but only bc she's older and knows more. Parker's fave place was the Air and Space Museum!

Brynn loved them all but I didn't get to go with her to the Natural History Museum, bc I went to the Holocaust Museum. So I don't have any pics of her there! But here she is fussing over the fact that her name is never on a keychain, mug, license plate, etc...
Poor Brynn!! Someday she will love the name we gave her! She won the best traveler award! The boy fussed about how his legs hurt him! Too much walking for him! 

From the kid that never stops moving, tumbling...etc. 

Whatevs dude!! 

Before the 1 mile walk took a toll on him, he did have a smile on his face, posing with Brynn!

It really was a fun trip. And we are thankful to Tim's parents for their generosity that provided this trip.

We got to spend time with family and even got an adult night out!! Fun times!!!
Rowan with Aunt Mandy!!

Bud hugging Parker goodbye!! He sure does love his big cousin!!

My next post will be about some funnier stuff!!

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