Friday, April 10, 2015

Remember that time when...

Ok this post is meant to be funny!! So I don't want to hear how I'm being mean spirited bc I'm not! I would never intentionally hurt anyone's feelings over something serious....unless you are rude to my family or I feel like I'm in danger...then that's another story!

I do like to laugh and make others laugh.
I guess it's my love language? If there was one of that sort. I have a very sarcastic side and my humor is different than most people!

That being said, let me take this moment to discuss and show y'all snippets of our plane ride home!! 

Now we flew Southwest, which is a great airline...but for ONE reason they suck!

Suckage=not assigning seats!!

I mean c'mon! At least put families with young children together?! It seriously puts me into a panic if we're not all together!!

So the flight home. Tim had Rowan (ha ha sucker) and I had the older 2. Tim's mom managed to get a seat next to him. 

The douche that sat next to his mom was a single guy w/o kids who actually asked my husband if Rowan was going to cry the whole flight? Ummmm wth? 

WHO asks that? I mean really?? Heck, I wish I could predict that!!

My mom will probably yell at me for calling him a douche but he was. My mother in law was a saint for talking to him and giving him advice on fun stuff/good places to eat in Dallas.

She missed his stupid question regarding Tim's ability to predict the future of his toddler's moods! Perhaps that's why she was nice. 

Rowan was an angel the entire flight but about 20 minutes in she asked for me. I was in the row in front,in the middle of Brynn and Parker. 

Fine, I'll take her. What was not fine was this, not even 10 minutes after the handover!!
I'm not gonna lie y'all...I wanted to hurt him. I was so insanely jealous! His abilities to quickly fall asleep make me so mad!! I wanted a kid free nap!!

So the Dramamine eventually hit everyone but me and all 3 fell asleep.

She did have her head down but woke up while I was trying to take a pic.

Before they fell asleep we had some selfie fun!
Yes that's me with all 3 kids....awake!!

Again, here is my husband!

Tim was grumpy when we got off and I think it's bc he was hungry?! We were all hungry! The peanuts and 100 calorie snack packs of chex mix don't hold you too long! 

I somehow lost my emergency pack of peanut M&M's?! Wth! I'm still upset over that! I wanted them so bad...oh well.

So we de-plane and head towards baggage claim. We passed at least 15 places to eat and Tim wouldn't let us get food! 

We actually had a spat about it. I hate to fight over petty crap but the kids were hungry!

So he decided to get the car at the parking place and I would stay back with the kids to get the luggage. 

That was fun! I LOVE when all the luggage comes out together!

Tim called me when I was standing outside on the lower level by baggage claim and asked me to come upstairs bc it was less crowded! 

Ummmmm....NO! I've got 3 hungry, pissy kids and a ton of luggage! 

Not pictured: the pack'n play. 

Yes I took a pic!

wanted to have a memory: hey honey, remember that time when....

We can laugh about it now, but we were both in bad moods for different reasons.

Don't worry, he got the silent treatment for awhile and I got my apology!! 

Bc I always win!!! Right Tim?! Love you honey!

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