Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Spring Break 2015

So yeah we're going on a trip! Super excited! But the kids are coming!!! Yay! A huge YAY for the one pictured below! Because y'all know, it's NEVER a vacay with kids in tow.

Look at her eyes! Doesn't she look super tired?? She just won't give it up!

My idea of a vacation is being on a beach...alone. I want alcoholic beverages, with the little umbrellas, brought to me by someone that looks like Mario Lopez. But he can't be an asshole like Mario. And he can speak Spanish to me! 

Tim can come on this trip but he's not allowed to speak between the hours of 8am to noon. Lol! I'm kidding...well kinda...

Back to the above pic, I did something I said I'd never do...I drugged her. Just a lil bit. I found Children's  Dramamine! Hot diggity dog!! 

The 2-6 year old dosage was all the same! Umm wth? So I gave her a half of a tablet!

She loved it and demanded more! Perhaps I shouldn't have called it candy? Hmmm...

Tim is already sweating. He's never flown with all 3. And let's be honest, #1&2 are great kids. Minus a few spats today, they've been perfect. 

So he's holding Rowan, hence the sweating. 

OMG! We are taking off and he's asleep? I told him he wasn't allowed to sleep!  What is it with men? Their heads hit the pillow and they're gone.

I'm sitting here about to vomit, thinking of how I'll get the masks on everyone in time.

I used to love flying. Hang on...

Praise Jesus!! Maybe Dramamine has a delayed effect on her. I took some know just in case. I don't have access to Xanax (sp?) so making myself a little loopy will help with the nerves! 

Since I became a mom, I hate flying. I don't know why..but that's the case. I wish I had the excitement of my kids.

Oh well, when we land (hopefully) I'll be excited!

The boy is happy! They have free wifi!! 
He's tracking our flight while we fly! How cool!

Is he not the cutest?? I can't believe he'll be 8 in a couple of weeks!! :-(

My big girl is sitting with Tim's parents, so I can't get her picture!

Current status is glorious!! Just presh!

Well it was short lived but she did great! I think she slept 30 min? 

Here she is asking me if I'm current on my airline safety awareness! ;-)

Here are a couple more from the flight! It went really well!

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  1. Love it, have FUN.....Well as much fun as you can have with 3 kids in tow !! High five Tim for me, just because !!!